Essay on Community Policing : Police Enforcement Agency And The Community

Essay on Community Policing : Police Enforcement Agency And The Community

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Community policing is a strategy used by various departments in order to create and maintain a relationship between the law enforcement agency and the community being patrolled. Community policing is composed of three critical components, community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving (Gardiner, 154, 2016). Community partnerships are pivotal in community policing since they increase public trust and create am improved relationship in law enforcement agencies better serving the community (Gardiner, 87, 2016). These partnerships not only offer public input but also encourage the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to minimize crime within the community (Gardiner, 88, 2016). Unlike, the traditional strategies of policing, community orientated policing has been adopted by two-thirds of agencies in order to improve public safety and control crime. (Gardiner, 148, 2016).
This innovative strategy allows law enforcement officers to achieve a level of respect and cooperation of the community through close working relationships between the citizens and the agency. “The key to infusing community policing throughout the department is by restructuring agency management, in particular making changes to the agency’s climate and culture, leadership, decision-making methods, labor relations, strategic planning, policies and procedures, personnel evaluations, and transparency. Specifically, community policing works best within a climate and culture that encourages proactive decision-making and activities, values problem solving and partnerships, and allows the informal networks and communication methods used to support this orientation to thrive.” (Gardiner, 154, 2016).
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...ce, and service.” (Gardiner, 253, 2016) Regardless of the agency, location, and working conditions, law enforcement officers must maintain self control and react in swift and effective manner in the face of danger. I asked the deputies about police behavior and attitude, they both expressed the importance integrity and coming home at the end of their shift. They commented about the importance of command presence and taking control of uncooperative suspects. As an applicant, they gave me an insight of the unseen duties and dangers of law enforcement. They described the detailed and in depth paperwork required, the daily frustration of dealing with troubled individuals, and the long random hours. The discussed the difference in training in the academy and real life situations. They also expressed the negative stereotypes and lack of support in certain communities

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