Essay on The Community Policing Division Of Centervale Police Department

Essay on The Community Policing Division Of Centervale Police Department

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As Sergeant of the Community Policing Division in Centervale Police Department, the key factor in area one is that it is a low-income area often in the news due to a high number in murders. This area has single-parent households where most of the people who live there are unemployed and has a high dropout rate in the school system. I think that every social problem has a connection to each other. Particular social problems like those considered as economic problems that can intensify other problems like unemployment, family structures and crimes. Poverty is seen as an issue that starts the rate of other social problems such as crimes. It has long been deliberated to be as a significant influence in calculating the difference in the city of Centervale crime rates. The fact that murder does not have much of a connection with wages and unemployment provides good evidence that many criminals are motivated by the poor economic conditions to turn to crime.
Communities with greater poverty rates are seen to lack resources of supervision of youth and community organization and are conceived to be more prone to have high crime incidents (Dweyer, 2001). This can explain why there is an increase in murder rates, because of a high rise in unemployment due to lack of jobs and presenting the effect of employment should not be overlooked in the neighborhood. The city of Centervale cannot fight crime in this situation without getting to the root causes and poverty could be one of them. In area two there is a lot of problem with problem crimes but a low rate of crimes. This neighborhood has more employed people and has two parents who bought their home through government programs. Although the schools in this area is better, the school ...

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...theories components because a lower class culture changes in disorderly neighborhoods. Schmalleger (2008) states that social structure theories emphasize poverty, lack of education, absence of marketable skills, and subcultural values as fundamental causes of crime.

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