Community of Historically Underserved Students Essay

Community of Historically Underserved Students Essay

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Community of Historically Underserved Students

If a particular group exhibits a consistent and measurable likeness due to the absence of racial integration, does it implicitly categorize their group (and subsequently the individuals therein) as being discriminatory in nature? Groups who raise this question are scrutinized within the public sphere and within the judicial system on account of how difficult it has been for America to end segregation and discrimination. The question as to if such separation truly creates disparity or inequality among groups of individuals within various aspects of society has already been answered.

Definition of Community.
Social Science defines the term “community” as a group of individuals who collectively share similar perspective, characteristics, and experiences [1]. My group selection coincides with the category of historically underserved minority students. These underserved groups of minorities have been identified as having been, or being: (1) a concentrated group of school-aged individuals ranging from the ages of 5-18; (2) belonging to a racial minority group; (3) enrolled in underfunded, or, underserved schools; being (4) economically and socially disadvantaged.

Brown v. Board of Education
The consolidated cases of students who sought admission to segregated schools argued that their Fourteenth Amendment Rights were being violated on account of how State-enforced segregation violated the Equal Protection Clause. The quality of education made available to them was not equal to that of Caucasian population at that time. For example, it was noted that because segregated schools in KS were underfunded, the students were not being provided adequate textbooks and instructiona...

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..._ this ruling enforced the unconstitutionality of de jure discrimination t of
NEGATIVE IMPACT: When evaluating how SCOTUS decisions have impacted my community, it is important to acknowledge that the Warren Court’s “unanimous” ruling ended the ability for states to legally segregate their public schools. However, it proved ineffective at the local level since it could not enforce communities to accept integration (nor change the perspectives of the individuals therein) any more than it could stop the de facto discrimination which ensued. Also, the aftermath of this ruling saw increased societal discrimination, violence against minorities, and death. Lastly, the Brown v Board II case of 1964 presented the court with statistical evidence demonstrating state reluctance to desegregate (rate of desegregation was indicated as being less than 2% over a period of 10 years).

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