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Community Mental Health Act Essay

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Agency Description
I. Basic Agency Information

The Alcohol Drug and Mental Health Board (ADAMH) of Fairfield County at 108 W. Main Street, Suite A Lancaster, Ohio is a county level government body that promotes, funds, and monitors behavioral health services in Fairfield County Ohio. (Board, 2013) It consists of a fourteen member volunteer board which is appointed by the Fairfield County Commissioners and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OMHAS). (Fairfield County ADAMH Board, 2010) In addition to the board members ADAMH also maintains a full-time staff of four which include an executive director, a director of finance, a consumer and family advocate and an administrative and research assistant. They also have three part-time employees including a clinical care coordinator, an office/finance assistant and an office/public relations assistant. Of the seven employees one is a licensed independent social worker – supervisor. (Board, 2013)

ADAMH’s current mission statement is “to reduce the impact of mental illness, substance abuse and family violence in Fairfield County” Their vision statement reads “The Fairfield County ADAMH Board and staff are responsible for being an agent of positive change for people experiencing mental illness, substance abuse, and family violence” (Board, 2013)

The ADAMH Board serves the entire constituency of Fairfield County, which consist of approximately 146,000 individuals. (Fairfield County ADAMH Board, 2012)While direct services are directed at Mental Health and Addiction consumers the impact of these conditions are far reaching and touch not only family but all of the individuals social network.

Although the bulk of ADAMH Board funding is allocated to mental health an...

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