Community Involvement : The Heart Of The Community Essay

Community Involvement : The Heart Of The Community Essay

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Schools have long been thought of as the heart of the community. This ideology portrays that the building itself is somewhat the central hub of what the majority of the members of the community revolve their daily lives around. It is often forgotten that the children that attend the school are truly the heart of the community. The children are the future; the success of the community depends upon the success of the children. Community involvement is critical in ensuring that the school as a whole can be successful and provide an environment that promotes student growth and development. Without the support of local community members and local businesses a great many of the schools needs would not be met.
Community means relationships, neighbors who care, support, and are willing to sacrifice for one another. School officials and administrators must be willing to create a positive relationship between the community and the school. Positive relationships are created through open and effective communications that express the needs of the school and the reasons behind these needs. Quality relationships must be established through deliberate dialogue that allows both parties to express their concerns about the school. To enact deliberate dialogue as a school administrator, it is important that a clear vision be established, along with a plan that details how this vision will be achieved. Within this plan, the parties involved, the responsibilities of all individuals, and the means to assess achievement must be clearly outlined. First, it is important to gather community members’ thoughts and ideas regarding how they feel about the quality of the school and the direction in which the school is heading. Polls show that mos...

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...e, and First Premiere Bank. With the conception of the Adopt-a-School Program, it has created a venue which allows various businesses to partner with Cullman City Schools and make significant contributions that can greatly impact the educational experience of the students.
Developing and maintaining a successful community relations programs in an essential element of being an effective administrator. Since a great many of the local workforce has or has had children attend the local school, it creates a stronger sense of responsibility to helping the schools. By understanding your community and the members that compose it, it will help an administrator to better understand the expectations that the community has for its school. Thus, creating a partnership that can be built upon that will help develop students into productive members of the working community.

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