Community Involvement And Restorative Justice Essay

Community Involvement And Restorative Justice Essay

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A community is made up of individuals who feel connected. Communities hold a sense of belonging and connection (Elizabeth Elliott, 2011, p.192). Therefore, communities play a significant role in criminal justice in particular restorative justice. Restorative justice recognizes the social aspect of human beings and focuses on citizen participation. This essay will explain the role of the community in restorative justice.
Elizabeth Elliott (2011, p.199) saw community involvement as the opportunity to tell stories, relationship building and create accountability. The role of the community involves strengthened social ties such as concerns for others, promoting common good through voluntary cooperation such as telling the truth and being connected. Elizabeth Elliott saw the importance of citizens being involved in institutions such as restorative justice. In turn, this would increase community values through civic participation. Community involvement has a significant role in restorative justice (Elliott, 2011, p.196). Restorative justice allows anyone that was impacted by a crime to be apart of the healing process. For example, if a community member was impacted by a crime he or she could participate in the restorative justice process. Community involvement can allow for members to help make purposeful decision making and furthermore it can build a community (Elliott, 2011, p.197). It is important for community members to be involved because they can help the offender resettle back into the community.
Programmatized societies, live in a world of bullying, oppression of minorities, we cannot rely on programs. For example, we cannot stop bullying by intervening factors. Programs and policies keep implementing a lot of shows, but n...

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...our tutorials. We were all connected and shared a sense of respect for others. In our tutorials we discussed heavy topics that allowed and helped us connect and relate to others. As a tutorial we came up with common values and this allowed for a sense of unity. Throughout the weeks I learned I could trust others around me in my tutorial. The experience and learning about others helped me open up and connect to others. In a sense my tutorial felt like a great, respectful and accepting community.
In conclusion, the community plays a considerable role in restorative justice. Restorative justice asks for community participation. This can allow community members to ask any questions and heal. Community engagement allows for successful reintegration and the offender is not left alone. Community involvement allows for members of the community to be connected and involved.

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