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Community Identification
Walnut Park is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Los Angeles County in the state of California. According to the United States Census, the population of Walnut Park was 15,966 in the year of 2010. The United States Census Bureau stated that this small land is 0.7 square miles. The surrounding cities include South Los Angeles, Huntington Park and South Gate. Walnut encompasses the following main streets: Pacific Blvd. and California St. (North to South), Broadway Ave. and Florence Ave. (West to East). According to the 2010 United States Census, Walnut Park’s population is mainly Hispanic (97.4%).
Historically, Walnut Park has been mistaken for Huntington Park (HP) because HP is much more popular and known. Walnut Park does not have such a high crime rate and has been seen as a quiet neighborhood. Most students living in Walnut Park attend the following schools: Walnut Park Elementary School, Gage Middle School, and either HP High School or South Gate High School. In 2005, South East High School was built and some students from Walnut Park attended, since it was not too far from their homes. There are more single homes residing in Walnut Park than apartments. Some parts of this CDP are cleaner than others, but overall it is a well maintained place. In regards to the residents, most of these families are two-parent and their children seem to be great students.
Walnut Park’s zip code is the same as HP because they are literally neighbors; it is 90255. In regards to businesses, there are not many because it is such a small area and most businesses are located in either HP or South Gate. There are smaller businesses located in Walnut Park and not much fast food places or grocery stores. “Bestway” is...

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...tion. Walnut Park residents should come together as a community and invest in programs for prostitutes. These programs would involve classes that will show prostitutes that there are better jobs out there that do not encompass selling their bodies. Also, these programs would address sessions that will express self-care and self-worth. Overall, these programs will help prostitutes change their ways into a more positive and professional manner. If this works, Walnut Park residents could possibly participate themselves in order to see that these prostitutes are not evil people, they were simply trying to make a living. Hopefully, the residents and the prostitutes would become friends or close in order to help one another instead of judging.

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