Community Group Process Analysis: How to Create a Safe Environment for the Public

Community Group Process Analysis: How to Create a Safe Environment for the Public

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Decision Making Patterns and Processes
The process the board use is the parliamentary process. This process was demonstrated by the group only one topic being discussed at a time, one speaker at a time (whether on the board or the floor), and the use of a predictable agenda (Toseland & Rivas, 2012). Decisions were made by a vote between the two board members: Mr. Palmer and Ms. Carnes. At various times of the decision making process, a board member asked for clarification of a certain item of the proposal. Once a proposal by an individual on the floor was made, the president would ask for a motion and one of the members would make a motion, while the other seconded the motion. Once a proposal was passed, they would move on to the next item on the agenda. With the board only having two deciding voters, there wasn’t a majority or consensus vote. The vote was strictly “aye” or “nay”.
Management of Conflict/Differences
During this particular board meeting, I did not observe any conflict or differences of opinion. However, the board had a set agenda which had been revised prior to this session. I am unaware if this was due to conflict or a possible addition/change to the agenda.
Group Attractiveness
I arrived rather early to the board meeting. During this time frame, I observed the members who appeared to relate to one another on a personal and professional level. It would appear this group would be attractive to others and with its members.

Group Dynamics
Group Goals and Hidden Agendas
The overall goals for the Board of Works and Safety is to create a safe environment for the public, manage matters as they arise for the local fire and police departments, and the board has a primary goal of maintaining a safe and sustainable i...

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... didn’t fully understand this. I understand the need to appear professional, yet my feelings with it, is it would make people feel more at ease coming before you, if you appeared friendlier.
Plan of Action
I believe this board is efficient in meeting their goals. They appear to work well together to ensure the interest and safeties of the community are met. I believe the only thing I would recommend to the group to help meet their goals more effectively is to be more friendly. It can be hard to speak in front of a group of people you don’t know and this was apparent with a few of the individuals coming to the podium. A smile from the board may have gone a long way to make things smoother for this individual giving their proposal.

Works Cited

Toseland, R., & Rivas, R. (2012). An introduction to group work practice. (7th ed). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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