Community Gardens And Its Effects On The Community Essay

Community Gardens And Its Effects On The Community Essay

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Imagine a community garden not only educating its members of the community but also preventing crime. Community gardens have been proven to show how its effectiveness can provide for one another and now help lower crime. This can help elevate a community into its best potential, bringing safety and protection through a garden. The Garden Matters states “While vacant lots can be magnets for litter and criminal activity, community gardens are observed and managed by the gardeners, resulting in a cleaner space and more active local community. All of this often comes at little or no cost to the city” (Schmelzkopf, 1995).
If communities took the time to create a community garden not one individual would go hungry. There would be less welfare use, less fast food consumption and it will allow a family to prepare food together. This leads to healthy food production in the community, positive food growth and less access to easy fast food. The Garden Matters states that “fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets spend as many as 7 to 14 days in transit. During this time, about half of the transported food is lost to spoilage. Locally grown food reduces this transit time, helping to greatly reduce waste.” In 2014 48.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households stated by feed To further explain food insecure household means that one is without reliable access to nutritious food and usually cannot afford basic food needs. If a community garden can problem solve and find the solution to help not only small communities but our nation, why not invest in creating a community garden? These are questions that many have trouble understanding, the help of few can save many and it starts with the education of food and its import...

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...d mental health being an importance, community gardens have shown that we as humans can create this investment will not only help us now but also secure our the future community.
These discoveries have taken place all across America and in cities near you. Now that studies have shown that crime rates are reduced in neighborhoods that have community gardens, locals have access to healthy food security and food production, and final the individuals feel a sense of belonging while creating and educating each other on the basics of food knowledge. It is now valid that community gardens have such positive potential to create a sustaining food growth for the future generation. Positive benefits made by these community gardens took time, however they’ve already achieved more than anyone could have thought. It is 2016 let’s uplift our community by creating community gardens.

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