Community Family Therapy With Military Families Essay

Community Family Therapy With Military Families Essay

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Hollingsworth, W. G. (2011). Community Family Therapy with Military Families Experiencing Deployment. Contemp Fam Ther Contemporary Family Therapy, 33(3), 215-228. doi:10.1007/s10591-011-9144-8
The researcher (Hollingsworth, 2011, p. 215-228) begins by looking at how Community Family Therapy (CFT) via marriage and family therapists can help military families build resilience, both within the family and within the community. The researcher added that for Reserve or National Guard service members there are additional stresses because they are employed full time and when their units become active it can add a greater financial strain. This article also showed that some marriages benefited and strengthen with the deployment depending on the length of deployment and the location of the service member, however other military families showed strain on their marriages. They looked at how children are affected by deployments showing that girls show more signs of stress during deployments while boys show more stress during the reintegration phase. Concluding that it is best for individual family members maintain healthy relationships outside of the family making it easier for professionals to intervene if there is a traumatic event. There are three goals that therapists need to use to better understand the military families and to broaden their support services those being “individual and family therapy, networking, and leadership through civic engagement.”

Kaplow, J. B., Layne, C. M., Saltzman, W. R., Cozza, S. J., & Pynoos, R. S. (2013). Using Multidimensional Grief Theory to Explore the Effects of Deployment, Reintegration, and Death on Military Youth and Families. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review Clin Child Fam Psychol R...

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...en benefit from schools localized on the military installation because they more equip to the needs of these children, but for military families that choose to live off base they need to look at the schools in the area in depth so they can pick the best school to fit their child’s needs. Finally, the article makes a key point in it would be ideal in a supportive aspect for military children to grow up in the same school system from kindergarten through high school but that can never happen with the amount of relocations that are required of service members at least every four years.

Swedean, S. K., Gonzales, M. V., Zickefoose, B. A., Bush, A. C., Davis, J. M., Elrod, D. C., & Hsieh, D. T. (2013). Recurrent Headache in Military-Dependent Children and the Impact of Parent Deployment. Military Medicine, 178(3), 274-278. doi:10.7205/milmed-d-12-00171

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