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Community, District, And School Essay

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Community, District, and School:
McDougle Elementary is located in Houston, Texas. Houston is the city in Texas with the highest population and it also the fourth-most populous city in the U.S. The racial demographic of Houston is 49.3% White, 25.3% African-American, 0.4% American Indian, 5.3% Asian, and 37.4% Hispanic. The median income for a household was $54,230 and about 19% of the population fall below the poverty line along with 16% of families. Many of the residents in Houston are employed in the energy industry which is why high oil and gasoline prices are beneficial for the economy in Houston.
The district McDougle Elementary is in is Klein ISD. The racial makeup of the district is 31.4% White, 41.8% Hispanic, 19.5% African-American, 7% Asian, 0.7% American Indian, 0.2% Pacific Islander, 14.3% Other, and 3.2% are of two or more races. The district serves 50,600 students in 5 high schools, 9 intermediate schools, and 32 elementary schools. Out of all these students, 43% are considered “economically disadvantaged”, 14.1% are English Language Learners, and 41.4% are considered “at-risk.”
McDougle Elementary has a total of 697 students in Early Childhood through 5th grade. The ethnic demographic of the school is 21.8% African-American, 63.3% Hispanic, 4.2% White, 0.7% American Indian, 8.6% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, and 1.3% are of two or more races. Out of all these students, 83.1% are “economically disadvantaged, 50.1% are English Language Learners, and 70.4% are considered “at-risk.” Programs offered at McDougle Elementary include Bilingual/ESL education, gifted and talented, and special education. Although 51.6% of the student population are enrolled in Bilingual education programs, only 5.1% of teachers serve in the...

... middle of paper ..., and computers to keep the students engaged and make our learning time fun. It is also important to keep our students actively engaged with manipulatives that can accompany our lessons for those who are hands on learners. The student 's progress will be assessed by collecting work throughout the year and keeping it in a Student Portfolio. The teacher will take notes and observations about each student and will also keep test results in these portfolios. Finally, it is also important for us to remain mindful of our students who are ELL, GT, RTI, have a 504, and have learning disabilities. It is important for our classroom to have the appropriate modifications for these students. An example of a modification we might use is printing out a hard copy of the notes, using higher order thinking questions, receiving frequent breaks, and modified or alternative testing.

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