Essay on Community Colleges And Technical Schools

Essay on Community Colleges And Technical Schools

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In America, there are numerous colleges, universities, trade schools and technical schools. Some cause financial problems, some you’ll spend lots of time such as 4 to 6+ years and some you won’t. Community colleges are only 36% of the tuition and fees at a 4-year college/university, which make it more affordable than a traditional college (Snyder 1). They only last two years if you are a full-time student. Community colleges are the step brothers of four-year universities. They were placed within communities for local education that people can have easier access to. Also, you can get your bachelor’s degree faster if attended and transfer to a four-year college. Nevertheless, community colleges are on the rise since it is a shorter time period, more affordable and it is keeping up society. Also in some cases, people with associate’s degrees are earning more than people with a bachelor’s degree.
The United States is largely segregated along educational lines, yet 3 out of 10 Americans aged 25+ have a bachelor’s degree (Selingo 1). Community Colleges are American inventions that put public funded higher education at close-to-home facility. It’s been over a century since the first community college opened, Joliet Junior College in Illinois, which was founded in 1901. Altogether, they arose during the Depression of the early 1900’s. They offered job training programs to help the unemployed. They provided remedial education. Community Colleges became a national network in the mid 1900’s. They have been thriving by becoming an educational opportunity to all (AACC 1).
From an economic perspective, community colleges were and still are growing. The greatest increase in community colleges’ growth and public acceptance was during the 1960’s ...

... middle of paper ... part time students are taking long completing it, for they knew and chose to be part-time student meaning they were not going to complete it within 2 years. So you can 't say, oh that 's too long ...those people chose to take more time for they are busy people.
The state established articulation agreements to enhance the transfer of students from two-year colleges to four-year colleges (Breneman, Nelson 1). The state 's articulation agreements make a new strategy to work with higher education, tuition, and the demand for affordable education. This proved that the community colleges were coming up and enhancing within. Studies have shown that large groups of students are entering community colleges are identifying terminal certificate or occupational associate degrees instead of academic majors. This means students choose community colleges over four year colleges.

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