Essay on Community College Students And Its Effect On High Income Students

Essay on Community College Students And Its Effect On High Income Students

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Community college students aren’t benefitting from this formula because the split is drastic. Even though the formula was established to dispense a minimum annual fund it did not create a fair distribution of money. As Ould said, “the way government funds schools is a mess” (13). Not enough money is going into classrooms in order to measure up to the demand of classes. Tuition fees have also increased so that colleges could get themselves more money. Community colleges have suffered most when there is a decrease in per student funding, “ there is no question it negatively impacts the quality of a community college educational experience as seen in longer lines, larger class sizes, fewer course offerings, and less services provided” (6). A quality education is being lost because of inadequate funding. Cutbacks impact low income students the most, since schools “are making drastic cutbacks and adjustments. The community college system is cutting back on courses offered (in some districts, part-time instructors have already been let go, and full-time instructors have received notices of potential layoffs” (Christopher 15). While students could have benefitted from the formula in 1988 because of the increase in population and without taking into consideration that most community college students come from immigrant low income families the budget has failed community colleges.
Community colleges lack to provide students with enough financial aid that will help them cover all their expenses. As stated by Lacy, “college costs and prices began to rise at an even accelerated rate, exceeding annual increases in governmental appropriations, inflation, personal income, and state and federal financial aid….. policymakers shifted to higher ed...

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... (Fowles 273). Instead constructing a new proposition with raised taxes to help the community it chooses to make cuts and then unequally divide its funding between grade levels. The state has not committed itself to keep, “pace with the rising costs of educating students or the ability of states to fund higher education” (Weerts 155). The formula that is Proposition 98 as well as the Higher Education Act and all policies are outdated. Although they might have helped provide some financial relief it does not meet the needs of this generation’s students. The state and government promote education of all races and ethnicities, “yet our commitment to education is not reflected in the structure of our public school financing” (Arocho 1480). There needs to be an improvement in educational system funds so that students of all backgrounds regardless of income can succeed.

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