The Community College Leadership Program Essay

The Community College Leadership Program Essay

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In 2013, Dr. John McKay came to Sandhills Community College to recruit students into the Wingate University Doctorate Program. In addition, it is felt that McKay’s major rationale for visiting SCC to recruit was because the program at Wingate University specifically targeted the community colleges – it was the Community College Leadership Program. Listening to McKay’s speech about the Community College Leadership Program was exciting – it was far from an elevator speech, although elevator speeches are excited as well. Becoming interested in the program was how the decision was made to apply to Wingate University. However, becoming the Director of Student Services Operations and Personal Counselor in the same year, it was impossible to attend school and seriously focus time and energy needed to be successful in the program. Thus, the next year – 2014, the student applied and was accepted into the program.
Prior to being accepted into the program, there were several task that had to take place. one phase of the process was an interview with Dr. McKay. During the interview, McKay stated that the program would be beneficial to individuals that was seeking leadership positons in the community college system. However, he proposed that the program was not only relevant, but rigorous, to put things mildly. He further suggested that “you would have to give up your life to Wingate University for three years (McKay, personal communication, 2014). At that time, the thought was three is not a lot of time, but that was not true, three years in a program that one has given his/her life to – is an exceptionally long time. Needless to say, the program is worth every year. Attending the first semester was hectic, and t...

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...h the leadership program had its dramatic and uncertain moments, the process has been a positive experience. Undoubtedly, leaders that are graduating from the Community College Leadership Program through Wingate University will be able to fulfill any leadership positon – whether in the community college system or another organization. As a recently ordained Elder and possibly pastor-ship in the future, this leadership program will be contributory to the student. Sitting in the classroom is important, however, professors setting examples by leading the way is enormously helpful, and this program has done that. Today, leadership is “showing what to do, not “telling what to do.” This program encourages all students to become change agents and to embrace the change that is – without a doubt, coming. This will help forward movement in the community college system.

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