Community College And The University Of Mass Amherst Essay

Community College And The University Of Mass Amherst Essay

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My focus during Greenfield Community College and the University of Mass Amherst has been based on social justice, and environmental protection. My goal to continue understanding in these areas of interests is the focus during the last year to complete my bachelor’s. I want to continue a master’s program in social sciences and policy implementation; continuing my work in the integration of law, the incorporation of Co-Ops and other non-profit organizations which address social inequalities, including poor housing, poor nutrition and other sub-par conditions found in impoverished communities. The papers I have composed, in environmental justice and law, examine the impacts of hazardous environments on developmental neurological weaknesses and other disorders affecting functioning process. During the past ten years I was researching the impact of such disorders in the developmental stages of children through extensive reading material and undergraduate research presentations.

In addition to being a peace and environmental activist, I have personally had made goals to maintain active involvement in education reform and defending the rights of fellow students and employees. While the original objective was to earn my degree in the Social Justice, Environmental liberal Arts Associates program, it was becoming difficult to fill the course requirements. However with an interest in many social topics, I incorporated a broader range of classes that covered different fields of law like civil law and disability law and housing law. During my last three semesters on campus I had the great opportunity to study under Attorney Buz Isenberg with great respect for his work in civil Liberties including the negotiations of Guantanamo Bay. Th...

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...s included petitioning the school board to allow the organization to flyer the local high school for Pride month 's events we were organizing. I was also a part of the organization of the AIDS quilt showing for these two years, including a high school day where fellow students signed their names onto a separate sheet in solidarity to those who lost their lives to AIDS or members of the community who knew of members fighting this battle.. Concluding my experiences, I saw a bigger picture of social justice in the form of political advocacy for an alternative system that fought for environmental justice like the closing of trash incinerators, maintaining water systems from being privatized. I was also actively putting my body at risk when protesting major events like the WTO and IMF in DC AND New York City. I saw firsthand what police brutality looked like and operated.

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