The Community Child Care Solutions Essay

The Community Child Care Solutions Essay

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There are various community resources available for parents and schools to utilize to create an efficient learning environment and is beneficial to the child and the family. In New Jersey, there are hundreds of different programs available that assist schools and families, however, there are four that stand out. The four organizations available are Community Child Care Solutions, The Children’s Home Society, Child Care Aware of New Jersey, and Rutgers Southern Regional Childcare Resource & Referral Agency. Each organization is geared toward providing the best life possible for the children in and out of the classroom.
The Community Child Care Solutions is a program that bases its teachings off of the Church (Community Child Care Society, n.d.). The program is multifaceted and is constructed of various sections that assist with different areas of child development as well as services to assist in raising and providing for a child. This program uses various resources within the state of New Jersey for parents and schools to utilize (Community Child Care Society, n.d.). The main focus is assisting parents in finding the best childcare possible and finding the funding to place their child in someone’s care, however, there are different services that concentrate on educating the parents and the childcare providers and assist schools. There are sister sites that assist with child advocacy as well as sites that assist with certain areas of New Jersey. Community Child Care also provides information in regards to resources outside of specific areas. Though the site is linked to childcare providers such as day cares, it does not seem to have any links to schools; however, there are resources that teachers can utilize for their own professi...

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... New Jersey (Rutgers Southern Regional Childcare Resource & Referral Agency, 2015). Unfortunately, this organization has no direct link to schools; however, the resources that are available for teachers and practitioners affect the classroom positively because teachers have access to new information on current educational techniques benefiting the instruction and the students. The involvement of the Rutgers Southern Regional Childcare Resource and Referral Agency is beneficial for children and parents because the resources that organization makes accessible for parents help with funding as well as effective childcare. The opportunities that are available for the parents to use are beneficial for families that are in need. Also, the information pertaining to childcare assists parents in making the right choice for their children, which benefits them educationally.

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