Community Based Programs For Juvenile Offenders Essay

Community Based Programs For Juvenile Offenders Essay

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Community based programs are alternative options available to juveniles, instead of incarceration that safely serves juveniles and give juveniles a second chance to become productive members of society. Community based programs aim to efficiently rehabilitate and prevent juvenile delinquency and reduce deviant behavior in juveniles (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012).
There are numerous community based corrections programs available in the juvenile justice system such as: drug court or substance abuse treatment, mentoring, independent living transition services, community service, mediation or restitution, group home placement, functional family therapy, job training or work programs, Electronic Monitoring System or Global Positioning System, school-based probation, and foster care placement; however, this research paper will focus on only five of them (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012).
School-based probation is designed to prevent and reduce truancy among juvenile students (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). The juvenile probation officers’ office is located within the school and the officers are given access to student attendance records, progress reports, discipline reports, and grades (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012).
The Department of Juvenile Justice Probation Department is in partnership with the schools and the campus police to enforce the conditions of the juveniles’ probation and prevent the juveniles from participating in any future deviant actions and behaviors (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). The Department of Education and the Department of Juvenile Justice Probation Department joined forces to help youths acquire knowledge and gain skills that will result in living a positive and productive lifestyle (National Criminal Justice Reference...

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...fice of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, n.d.). Overall Electronic Monitoring Programs/GPS provides the juvenile offender with the option of remaining home within the community, instead of, being incarcerated.
In conclusion all of the community based corrections programs to include: mentoring, group home placement, job training/work programs, school-based probation, and Electronic monitoring/GPS are cost efficient, protect the public, reduce deviant behavior, reduce recidivism, and aim to prevent future deviant and criminal acts among juvenile offenders and at-risk youths.
I used Alarid & Del Carmen as a credible source because they are the authors of the textbook for this class. The National Criminal Justice Reference System and the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention were both used as credible sources because they are government affiliated.

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