Essay about Community And Parent Engagement Program

Essay about Community And Parent Engagement Program

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Dallas Independent School District hopes to innovate Fair Park with superintendent Mike Miles’ initiative called “Imagine 2020”. In an effort to increase the overall performance of the school, Fair Park along with three other struggling areas around the Dallas metroplex are a part of Imagine 2020. This $8.8 million initiative “is a commitment of resources and support intended to accelerate student achievement and deepen student learning (Imagine 2020).” In the Imagine 2020 schools, they believe differentiated support and resources combined with bold and innovative plans to address teaching and learning will result in a standard of excellence as they improve student academic achievement. Community and parent engagement is crucial to the goals of Imagine 2020 and an important component of the initiative. The initiative will increase student academic achievement, increase college and career readiness, and develop teachers to be their best. The project aspires to “achieve a 10 percent increase in the overall school passing rate, a 10 percent increase in the number of seniors who achieve college ready scores on the ACT (21+) or SAT (990+), no less than 50 percent of the total number of seniors will complete a FAFSA application, and no less than 95 percent in the number of seniors will fill out the Apply Tex application to other college/university applications (Imagine 2020).” Although this initiative may seem like an unrealistic and overly ambitious objective for a struggling city like Fair Park, advocates of change are determined to “create conditions that drive improvement in education” to sustain and retain students throughout high schools and into their college or career (Imagine 2020). There are three major components to this in...

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... offerings and technology, such as the touchscreen computers, are strengths (Hagg).” However they also agreed that the campus is hampered by student bullying, discipline issues, and too many substitute teachers and new teachers (Hagg). The fact that the students think new teachers are hampering the school is proof that the students do not like some of the changes that Mike Miles’ Imagine 2020 initiative is bringing. While there are undeniably numerous critics to the new initiative, there are still more supporters than detractors. Most parents support the initiative and many people like Steve Montgomery , a coach and community liaison at Dade, are very optimistic that the students will learn to appreciate the plan as well. “Kids love structure. They don’t just trust anybody,” he said. “But once you get them on your side, they will run through a wall for you (Hagg).”

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