The Communist Union And The Soviet Union Essay

The Communist Union And The Soviet Union Essay

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Culture in the Soviet Union possessed many stages as different leaders enforced very different rules in regard to accepted art forms. Under Lenin, many forms and styles of art were accepted as long as they were not overly detrimental to the party mission. Lenin wanted to find a signature style of art that would be unique to the Soviet Union. In order to do this Lenin put very little restriction on the arts. Great experimentation was done in writing and painting and many radical styles were developed during this time. When Lenin died, Joseph Stalin came into power and accepted art that looked drastically different from its previous years. Stalin enforced a much stricter policy on art. Stalin’s policy was named Socialist realism and featured tremendous censorship which would not allow for any art or literature that would hinder the socialist party. By the state, there would be extreme punishment for those who violated his policy. Socialist realism’s main goals were to portray life in its revolutionary development and to inspire and instill party values into the soviet people. To enforce this new policy, in April of 1932 all creative or artistic organizations were dissolved. In their place creative “unions” were established that screened works for politically correctiveness and set standards and for each form of expression. This essay will introduce many areas in which socialist realism was applied and how it was used. First this essay will describe socialist realism and explain the function that it served. Next, this essay will identify and describe characteristics of socialist realism as they appear in various works of art. For the purpose of this essay literature, film, and painting will be analyzed in great depth. More specifica...

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...on could easily read it on the bus ride to and from work. More importantly the book includes the most examples of socialist realism and ties perfectly into promoting Stalin’s five year plan. Stalin wanted to industrialize the nation faster than what many thought would be possible. This book shows that you can achieve the impossible though hard work and coming together.
To conclude, Socialist realism was the official style of art that was accepted in the Soviet Union under Stalin’s rule. Socialist realism in essence was art for a purpose, and was critical to influencing the masses to buy into Stalin’s ideas. Many of the works of art created during this time were highly censored and meant to be used a propaganda. This censorship and propaganda helped Stalin to create a culture the was unique from the rest of the world as well as still impacting Russia’s culture today.

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