Communist State : A Country Is Governed By Only One Party Essay example

Communist State : A Country Is Governed By Only One Party Essay example

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Communist state is about a country is governed by only one party, and they use Marxism–Leninism as party 's guiding ideology. However, most countries do not use communist to descript themselves, they use Socialism instead of communist. According to the description by Barbara Demick’ book and the movie recorded by Daniel Gordon, I would say that the image of North Korea does not fit exactly my idea of what a communist society looks like; the same thing also happens to the People’s Republic of China. No matter North Korean or China, I do not think they are exactly the Communist state because those two countries are not democratic enough.
According to the A State of Mind, there were two girls named Song Yun Kim and Hyon Sun Pak, they planed to attend the Mass Games, they were trying to practice hard for eight months in order to show their best performance in front of their chairman Kim. Daniel Gordon also recorded two girls daily life with their family members. Actually, Song Yun and Hyon Sun’s daily life was really normal, such as any other families in western countries in this world; their life was not mysterious because they were the same with other people, they need eat, drinking, and sleep; Song Yun and Hyon Sun had different emotions as well, if they completed a difficult operation training, they felt so excited; however, if they could not do a operation very well, they felt upset. Here was one thing should be noticed, Song Yun said that all the North Korea’s disaster came from the United States. (A State of Mind, 2004) In fact, I did not agree with that opinion, the western countries have exerted some political pressure North Korea, but the political path of North Korea is by their own chose; no one can say that they was a d...

... middle of paper ... looks like Qing Dynasty, which is not a good thing for a country. North Korean should be positive in order to exchange information with other countries that could help North Korean promotes the development of technology.
According to above all, I believe that China and North Korean are not a Communist state in a real sense because those two countries are not democracy enough. And China social system is not pure Communist, which also mixes some capitalism; Chinese government has controlled the main economic industries, such as oil, electricity, airline, bank and telecommunications. As for North Korean, although it called Communist state, the social system is not socialism in fact; North Korean is a feudal monarchy; and North Korean does not finish the poverty removal so far, some Korean still has to worry about food shortage or even accept the aid from government.

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