Essay on The Communist Party

Essay on The Communist Party

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When it comes to viewing the Communist Party USA, Schrecker has a fairly

mixed opinion on them, but I believe she has a more sympathetic feeling as she

spends more time highlighting everything that went wrong for them and why. She

points out the good the Communist Party was doing once the Depression hit in the

1930s such as organizing neighborhood groups to prevent homelessness, rallying

college students to oppose compulsory military training, forming militant unions of

migrant laborers, miners, and textile workers, and would even send representatives

to aid striking workers. With such a presence in many of the major social

movements of the 1930s, helped the party gain some popularity by 1938. She also

talks about their equal racial rights, how they ran blood drives, collected tin cans,

and even sold war bonds. However, Schrecker also highlights what was wrong with

the party and why they were so vulnerable to failure throughout history, especially

why they were so exposed to attack from McCarthyism. One event she points out is

when FDR sided with the British, throwing the party into a state of utter confusion,

which broke them apart, causing a loss of momentum. But the real factors that hurt

the party and really exposed them to post war McCarthyism were: its secrecy, how

the party was run in an authoritarian manner, the fact that there was Communist

influence in other countries around the world, and of course the close relationship

of the Communist Party to the Soviet Union. Another example is why Schrecker

seems sympathetic towards to Communist Party is due to what happened to them

during McCarthyism. She tells of how thousands of people lost jobs, careers, or even

commited suicide due t...

... middle of paper ...

...d to really

control themselves and limit everything they said to protect themselves from

potential persecution. On top of that, Schrecker believes that McCarthyism has had

a severe lasting effect on American politics as a whole. Not only does she think it

ruined the Liberal side, but due to the immoral methodology used by all sorts of

organizations, lead to more serious events occurring in the future. She states that

when all these organizations used unethical tricks and deceit, this seems like it

became a norm and lead to such events such as the Watergate scandal. In

conclusion, Schrecker believes that McCarthyism has had a wide range of effects,

both in the short term with the disruption of normal civilian lives, and the long term,

with effects reaching out to the liberal left side and the occurrence of government

scandals such as Watergate.

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