Essay on The Communist Party Of Greece And The Eurocomminist Party

Essay on The Communist Party Of Greece And The Eurocomminist Party

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The communist Left entered the post-dictatorship political scene split into two parties; the traditional pro-Soviet Communist Party of Greece and the eurocomminist party of the Interior which was formed after the split of February 1968. Contrary to the two major parliamentary parties, the decade of the 1940s was a frequently addressed topic in the political agenda of the Left in the early years of the metapolitefsi. The restoration of Democracy and the legalization of the communist Left terminated a long period of persecution. At long last the Left was legitimized to narrate its past. This past, however, had proved to be particularly controversial and had a decisive effect in voting behavior and current party alignments.
On these grounds, the two communist parties emphasized certain aspects of the 1940s and its aftermath that would work in favor of the image of the Left as ever resisting and prosecuted. Those aspects were the armed resistance against the occupation troops carried out by EAM and the period of persecution of former EAM resistance fighters by the postwar regimes. In other words, the memory of Grammos was overshadowed by the memory of Makronisos and the role of the traditional Left in the Civil War tragedy was whitewashed.
It has been pointed out that the narrative of the Resistance has served as the ‘purifying filter’ through which the Left recalled the events of the 1940s banishing at the same time the distressing memories of its involvement in the fratricidal war. With most of the former DSE fighters who survived the 1949 defeat still in exile, the narrative of the Resistance was the only way for the Left to process and communicate the traumatic experience from the Civil War defeat and its aftermath. The emphas...

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...nterest, however, that although the above films mostly engage with the events of the Civil War and its aftermath, the question of the political mistakes of the Left that eventually led to the defeat of the communist camp is not touched upon and the blame for the postwar fate of the people of the Left is exclusively placed on the foreign involvement in Greek affairs. Much as they were praised as progressive, these films failed to break the long-time taboos of the Left and address the critical issue of the communist share of responsibility to the bloodshed of the Civil War. In other words, Greek cinema failed to follow the footsteps of other countries where the release of a film often signaled the deconstruction of the myths upon which the postwar consensus was built and initiated a long, and in many cases particularly distressing, vergangenheitsbewältigung process.

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