The Communist Manifesto, By George Orwell Essay

The Communist Manifesto, By George Orwell Essay

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In the novel Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut, communist ideals are exhibited throughout the novel. Communism came about from Karl Marx ideas of having a classless society, as written in the Communist Manifesto. A main idea in this essay is that society is splitting into the bourgeoisie (capitalist) and the Proletariat (workers). The bourgeois in the novel could be the engineers or the machines while the Proletariat is the homestead. The Communist Manifesto can also be shown in the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, with the animals being the proletariat and the humans classified as the bourgeois. Orwell and Vonnegut have similar ideas when it comes to the communist ideas written by Karl Marx.
The characters in both these novels can have similar roles when it comes to the comparing it back to the communism. Orwell’s character Old Major, an elder pig whose ideas allied with Marx: the animals are being oppressed by the humans and it initiated a revolution. These correlate with Marx’s ideas of that the Communist Manifesto initiated the Russian Revolution with Stalin to overthrow the Russian government. Vonnegut had a similar character, Lasher. Reverend James J. Lasher warned Paul and Finnerty about the evils of the current system and how average men are being ripped from their dignity by not having a useful job, while everyone is disconnected. Lasher believes that a revolution is coming and how only the messiah can lead the people to revolt against the machines. Lasher inspires Finnerty and Paul to start the revolution and become the messiah. Paul can relate the Orwells character Snowball. Snowball took it upon himself to spread the “animalism’ to all around the world and to improve the animal’s infrastructure. He put ...

... middle of paper ... had little control on to whats going on, that soon causes chaos to occur. The battle had failed, but Lasher wasn’t expecting for it to succeed. Lasher’s view on the whole insident is that people will hear about it and learn about the Ghost Shirt Society. Marx’s ideal can be shown with one of the main points in his writing in the Communist Manifesto is that the communist ways deprives no man of their power to appropate the powers of society.
Animal Farm by George Orwell and Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut can show the communist ideals of Karl Marx shown in his writing of the Communist Manifesto. Writen around the same time period, Vonnegut and Orwell show the same corruption that could happen when a communist idea emerges. Mathew Gannon is made aware of these ideals Vonnegut suggests in his work and makes a statement that can prove what Vonnegut was implying.

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