Essay Communism Only Works for Urban Society

Essay Communism Only Works for Urban Society

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The principle idea of communism is that everything is shared equally amongst the people; there is no ownership of land, private business, or sometimes even individual choice. People were generally assigned jobs that served the greater good of the country, and they had no choice in the matter. Food and property were things shared by the masses, nobody could own land, a farmer could not even keep the crops he tended to, and everything was evenly distributed. While communism can be successfully implemented in urban society, it is not meant for rural societies.
After the Russian Revolution communist ideas began to spread throughout Russia. Many people supported these ideas, since Russia was struggling so much; people viewed this communist idea as a way out of suffering and a way to return Russia to its former glory. These ideas were spread in urban societies, so land ownership was a luxury only a select few could afford and with the multitude of impoverished people in the cities being jobless and homeless, ideas of equally shared food, employment, and housing were incredibly successful. These people supported the communist movement, since they had everything to gain from it. While support was building in the city, small rural communities were not pleased with the prospects of communism.
People in rural communities began hearing about these popular communist ideas, and were displeased. Since many communities were self-sufficient, or close to it, the prospect of sharing with other communities seemed unsavory. An excerpt from the book Red Bread, by the writer Maurice Hindus, shows the dissatisfaction that the peasants have with the communist agenda. Many people disliked the notion that they wouldn’t be able to rely on themselves for th...

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...ds of the urban societies made Russia’s communist society benefit the cities.
Communism is meant to serve all equally, but at the core it cannot accomplish that goal. The varying needs between urban and rural societies conflict greatly with one another, and both cannot be simultaneously satisfied. The working class living in urban centers would experience the best of communism, gaining a job, residence, and steady food supply out of it. While those living in the country would lose much more than they would gain, their property, independence, and piece of mind would all be robbed of them as the communist system was set into place, forcing them to work at large collective farms, and not allowing them to be able to stock up for themselves in case of a time of famine. Communism only destroys rural communities and solely serves the purpose of benefiting urban society.

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