Communism And The Soviet Union Essay

Communism And The Soviet Union Essay

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The rise of communism in the Soviet Union and China in the 20th century had both gains and costs in each country. Some of these gains benefited society as a whole in terms of economic improvement and rapid industrialization. However, with these gains came many costs that affected millions of people all around the world, not just in the Soviet Union and China. While the main ideas of communism were about spreading equality and making society an equal place to live, most citizens of these countries found the idea of communism to be unfair, serving no benefits to society, such as the taking and redistributing of land so that all peasants could have their own land to produce goods on. Even though the effects of communism in China and the Soviet Union brought many positives to the area, the overall effects involving the rest of the world were negative.
While the ultimate effects of communism were negative, this new style of living brought many positives to the people of China and the Soviet Union. Communism brought economic improvements by producing more goods, as seen in “Building the New Society: The People’s Commune” (Strayer, 1082.) This image shows the effects of rapid industrialization and how the population was able to produce more goods to sell, ultimately boosting the economy. The result of rapid industrialization in the Soviet Union helped to build improvements in technology. In Joseph Stalin’s “The Result of the First Five-Year Plan” showcases the rapid industrialization in the Soviet Union. Stalin stated that they were able to produce an iron and steel industry, and they were able to develop goods like agricultural machinery, electric power, and various metals (Stalin, 1070.) Communism also improved the lives of millions ...

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...viet Union set off to develop the nuclear weapons the United States used during World War II, and in 1949, they succeeded in getting the weapons (Strayer, 1056.) This prompted a series of nuclear “threats” between the United States and the Soviet Union. The weapons produced could cause massive damage if used on land, with most of the testing done primarily in the ocean or in areas with no population. Joseph Stalin stated that using “Atomic weapons can hardly be used without spelling the end of the world.” (Strayer, 1057.) This was a primary reason that the Cold War never involved any actual fighting between the United Stared and the Soviet Union, with the two countries instead deciding to focus on building and testing their nuclear weapons.
The rise of communism saw many improvements in society in both China and the Soviet Union. However, these improvements lead to

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