Essay about Communism and Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

Essay about Communism and Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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The structure of communism and its main concepts heavily relate to “Harrison Bergeron”. Communisms main idea is to keep the corporations from having too much power; as well as making everything equal. Communisms structure differs from “Harrison Bergeron”, but they both share a lot of characteristics. In “Harrison Bergeron” the government is given way to much power and forces everyone to become equal. Communism also differs greatly from our U.S. government and acts in many different ways. Communism ensures a lot of power and equality, as well as in “Harrison Bergeron”; however, the acts of both governments differ from each other and from the U.S. government.
Communism today has no copyright laws, no private property laws, and the government owns the economy in its entirety. Communism stresses the ending of both religion and the entire morality established upon religion. Communism theoretically tries to improve respect within society, but instead it abolishes all concepts of entire morality (Communism and Amorality). The structure of communism encourages the establishment of classless and stateless society based on the common title of the means of production (Structure of Communism).It tries to offer an alternative to the problems assumed to be inherent with capitalist economies and the heritage of imperialism and nationalism. Communism states that the only way to resolve these difficulties would be for the working class to replace the ruling class in order to create a diplomatic, free society without a government (Structure of Communism). Communism prevents anything to overcome another establishment. It allows everything to be intact and it allows everything to be equal. Communism in its most influential days was ...

... middle of paper ... their own pursuit of happiness. From Communism to the government in “Harrison Bergeron”, they both share and oppose different characteristics that make them both unique forms of government. The U.S. sets stage for a democratic government that differs from Communism in a lot of ways; but the government in “Harrison Bergeron” eliminates all concepts for what a government is supposed to enforce.  

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