Essay on Communism And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Communism And Its Effects On Society

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Communism is often seen as something bad and that should be avoided and completely banish in every country. But what people think about communism is often stereotypes and ideas that are not always true. Communism is that everybody is equal in the country, that everybody only gets what they need and nothing more. In a communist society, there are no class divisions, meaning that the people are neither poor or rich, because everybody lives equally.Communist nations make sure that even the poorest will always have food on their tables, get quality education and have access to basic healthcare. When it comes to employment, communism promises jobs for everybody, where they get access to equal opportunities. The hire-and-fire system that is common all over the world does not exist and is not allowed to exist in this political system.

Also, in a communist country, there is a government, which by the main theory of communism there should not be any type of leader that controls the people. Originally, communism stands for a single social order where there is no distinction on the basis of anything. It basically allows the public to own everything, all assets and natural resources in a country. However, the movement, which was started to fight the bourgeois and favor the proletariat, has evolved over time and disintegrated into different forms. As you can see, there are now dictatorial communist governments, while there are democracies with communist parties thriving. In the pure state of communism, the people are their rulers, they work the government, they do not have anyone to obey to, only their rules. Communism is often confused with socialism, but theses two theories are completely different. In a socialist community, the people ar...

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...aturally be a drop in the unemployment rate. This will also lead to a decrease in crime, as no person is coerced to commit an illegal offense to make sure his bills are paid and his family is fed. Instead, he will have the peace of mind that comes along the knowledge that there will always be plenty of work opportunities. For peasants, they will no longer fear a lessened economic status as long as they are willing to go to work every day and perform their duties. By redistributing money to everyone, taking social classes out of the picture. One the main things that is wrong with communism is that the government controls everything, but that is only an issue with corrupt officials that don 't care about their citizens or corrupt warmongers that are all for the war effort. Communism is supposed to be about the people not the government or the profits unlike capitalism.

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