Essay about Communications, Financial Management And Academic Buildings

Essay about Communications, Financial Management And Academic Buildings

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This week we will examine Communications, Financial Management and Academic Buildings.
In Chapter 31 one of the "pulse points" is "manage by walking around..." In your experience, have you seen this practice among the facilities managers in your organizations? If so, how often and if not, why do you think the facility managers do not walk around?
I see this being done on numerous occasions. It allows the managers to stay connected with the employees, it allows them to also check in with them, and also to see some of the employees in action. I even personally spend times with some of the work crews and they view me as a team member even when I am not a part of their departments. I have seen supervisors walking around during renovations projects, new constructions, and just by walking around and observing day-to-day work. I see them at least once a day.

What “Communication Vehicles” does your organizations FM office employ? What has been your experience?
Our FM mainly uses campus email to communicate to the different units across campus. Within their own unit they also use email. When it comes to the presentations that they provide, it normally is presented by the Vice President of Administration & Fiscal Services or she will have the FM manager give the President’s Cabinet an update on the projects.

From the Article, As Campuses Crumble, Budgets are Crunched, are the issues presented relevant to today?
One thing that was interesting is how as a facilities manager you do have to determine which problems are worth just putting a patch on, and which one are worth fixing. Sometimes you can put too much into some buildings. I can remember when we had an overflow in enrollment, and we knew that we had a building that we wo...

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...the room type had an impact on your learning? Did it impact how you prepared for the class? How you participated? Share some of your thoughts and experiences.
I don’t really think the room had an impact on me but the only struggle I can remember is not having left-handed desk and having to actually turn some to write, but I was accustom to this because I had already done this in high school. I didn’t have a challenge, but I can remember a student telling the teacher that she could not write on the blackboard because she was left handed. The teacher told her to go to the board and to write a sentence and she wrote a perfect sentence upside down. So for others that may not understand some left-handed people either write upside down, or they have to turn their notebooks upside down to write. As I stated, it was not a problem for me. I was use to the environment.

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