The Communication System From Load Cell to PC Essay

The Communication System From Load Cell to PC Essay

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This system illustrates the communication system from load cell to PC. The laboratory’s 6-axis load cell is usually composed of four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge form. This device produces an output signal in the order of a few millivolts. Thus, an instrumentation amplifier is used to amplify the signal before feeding it to an ADC. Moreover, this system should use a low-pass filter to pass the low-frequency signals and to avoid interference from high-frequency noises. Afterwards, all the 6 channels are measured simultaneously by time division multiplexing method. In addition, there is a sample-and-hold circuit for converting the signal from analog to digital. Finally, this system uses a digital interface to convey all of information to the digital processor.

B. Describe the signal conditioning need to convert the resistance change in the strain gauge ±10 volt signal.
Basically, the strain gauge signal conditioning circuit provides a controlled excitation source and works together with the instrumentation amplifier. The instrumentation amplifier provides gain that amplifies the input signal to fully exploit the range of the data acquisition system as well as the resolution of the ADC. It can also adjust the offset to zero out quiescent loads. On the other hand, some strain-gauge signal conditioners support adjustments of fixed gain, offset, and excitation.

Figure 2: Instrumentation Amplifier circuit

From the equation given as, V_out/(V_2-V_1 )=( 1+ 〖2R〗_1/R_gain ) R_3/R_2

With this circuit is represented construct out of the accurate amplification of the difference between two voltages with three resistors linking a third op Amp. Consider all resistors to be of equal value except for...

... middle of paper ...

...e by the use of a multiplexer. The six analog signals from the strain gauges are associated into one signal by the help of a multiplexer. After that, the logic multiplexer will send the signal to the ADC converter which then converts the signal into digital format for the PC to interpret. This process is shows in figure 6

Figure 6: Interfacing Six channels with the support of Multiplexer

D5. The minimum “ Sampling rate” use in this system
The sampling rate to be used depends on the speed at which the ADC is able to collect samples into an on-board buffer. In other words, it is the speed at which the digitizer’s ADC converts the input signal, after the signal has passed through the analogue input path to digitalised values. The sample rate is based on the sample clock that notifies the ADC when to convert the analogue signal to digital values.

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