Communication Skill Driver of Success Essay

Communication Skill Driver of Success Essay

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S. Guerrero
Mr. Rear
English IV, Period 3
6 December 2013
Communication Skill Diver of success
In the digital age, technology advance faster than ever before. While human interaction replace with use: of text messaging, email and other form of media. Losing treasure human communication skills that have allowed mankind survive all endeavors. Human communication skills require through life. Essential in, the cooperation with people. Making people to like you rather become hateful. Improving productivity among fellow peers and co-worker. Communication and human relation are vital for success. Every place from personal to business world require communication with people. Therefore school teach this vital skill to students.
First, The five Driver of success are element for success in ordinary to business life.‘’ Professionals around the world recognize the importance of these kills and attitudes when examining the competitive marketplace and our reality of doing more, better, faster, with fewer resources. These skills and attitudes can help difference us and our organizations and give us competitive edge ‘’ (Dale).
Neverless, Strength people skill essential to success in professional to personal life. Focusing on skills needed to make a positive impression on others. Become enthusiastic cooperation instead compliances, making ‘no’ to a ‘’yes’’ and become tactful under stress. Focusing on relationships of Trudy and integrity (Dale). In a professional and personal life require people skill. Every interaction in life desire people skill. Whether family, co-worker or order food. In world of today so many are disattach from daily interaction and many have poor people skill.

Furthermore, Enhance communication skill to build relati...

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