Essay on Communication Problems : Effective Communication

Essay on Communication Problems : Effective Communication

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Effective communication occurs when the right people receive the right information in a timely manner and feedback is received. GM’s organizational communication can be said to be both ineffective and untimely. Owing all to the ignition switch/recall problem which brought many of the organizational problems that exist to light, communication can be considered to be one of GM’s main organizational problems and the biggest contributing factor to its current ignition/recall crisis.
Broken down communication channel in GM: Effective Communication occurs when information flows from the top level of the company to the bottom and vice versa and feedback is provided by relevant parties. GM has a downward and upward communication problem, where the flow of communication is non- existent. The most current crisis is proof of this problem. When serious company problems such as the “ignition switch failure” are not communicated effectively, it goes undetected, totally ignored and fatal flaws can easily occur and this gives rise to catastrophic failures in the future.
Information silos (horizontal communication). For GM, information from one part of the organization does not flow as effectively as it should between other parts of the organization. This lack of communication between departments or functional units creates silos within GM and this indicates poor coordinating efforts within the organization.
Speaking up: Research studies have shown that a large number of employees fail to speak within an organization mostly when it involves communicating bad news, failures or misconduct reports. This is a characteristic of GM’s communication culture. What is evident at GM is that information does not flow up the chain a...

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... employees should be encouraged to speak up and ensure rewards.
Finally, the organization must hold a communication meeting weekly, which is used to report some problems, exchange advice and deliver some instructions.
From the preceding analysis, we can conclude that the organizational problem facing a global company such as General Motors is one that cannot be overlooked. How these problems have existed over the years and unaddressed shows strong negligence, poor management and poor work ethics on the part of managers and top executives as well as employees. However, these problems can still be resolved. If GM can apply a healthy, strong and consistent organizational culture and behavior as well as follow the recommendations provided, it can unravel the potential to overcome its impediments and once again become a highly competitive and inventive company.

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