Communication Privacy Management Theory ( Cpm ) Essay

Communication Privacy Management Theory ( Cpm ) Essay

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We all want privacy in life but at the same time we want to share and connect with others. This dilemma of balancing what we keep to ourselves and what we share with the world haunts us every day not only in our personal lives but also in the workplace. How much is proper to share with co-workers? Is it ok to share what happens at work with friends? What if that friend works in the same office? Are there any boundaries that we should not cross when it comes to maintaining privacy or sharing.
Communication Privacy Management Theory (CPM) has the basic premise that people create decision-making rules to help them determine when to reveal and when to conceal private information (Dainton and Zelley 2015, 86). CPM is based in six principles: public-private dialectical tension, nature of private information, privacy rules (cultural, gender, motivational contextual and risk- benefit criteria), boundaries, boundary coordination and boundary permeability. How does this concepts work? To understand their functionality we must look at the following case study from Dainton and Zelley: Case Study 5: With Friends like This.
Arden Financial Services hired Mia and Lily at the same time and they went through orientation together. They worked in different business sectors but their departments were on the same floor so eventually they became good friends. They shared during lunch many personal things about dating and even the general workplace gossip. Lily, having a higher education than Mia, advanced in the workplace faster and was promoted to management. This didn’t stop their friendship and they would meet in the cafeteria for lunch, at the pub for drinks and eventually after both being married with their respective husbands outside ...

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...ivacy Management lead way to research in many concepts like gossip in the workplace or even expanding on its ‘”possession” concept within others. How ethical is it for one to own information that is not about oneself? Can it be used as leverage for advancement? How much does gossip in the workplace distracts from productivity? Is the boundary permeability affected only by context or are there any other factors that would directly influence it?
Lily learned late in her relationship with Mia that holding and disclosing information could affect her own job. Maybe in a way it was karma that she had to fire her own friend after disclosing information about other people. One thing is for sure, Lily would be more careful next time she decides to share information with someone since not only it could affect her job but also other’s perception of her ethics as a manger.

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