The Communication Practices Of Dominant Groups Essay

The Communication Practices Of Dominant Groups Essay

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According to Working in Groups, muted group theory is, “the ways that the communication practices of dominant groups suppress, mute, or devaluate the words, ideas, and discourses of subordinate groups” (Engleberg, Wynn, pg. 88). Muted group theory can be problematic within groups due to the fact that, although a group may have several members, they are unable to voice their opinions or ideas; which lead to less creativity and member satisfaction. I believe that this is more likely to happen, when majority of a group belongs to a certain organization, group, or program. For instance, in my cardiopulmonary pharmacology study group, majority of us live on campus so, we tend to mute group members that live off campus when it comes to deciding where to meet to study. It may be difficult for members who live off campus to meet on the days we have decided.
There are numerous techniques to overcome these effects. The first technique is calling attention to the problem; by doing so, you are to stop the issue and prevent it from growing. The second technique is to identifying the value of differences; knowing how it will affect other people. The following technique is to be assertive, similar to calling attention to the problem; you speak up without denying the rights of others. The final technique is to resist stereotyping. To overcome muting group members who live off campus, I will make sure to stop the issue before it grows and becoming informed on the ways it will affect those group members.
Situational and Functional Leadership Theories (compare and contrast)
Being a well-rounded leader can benefit a group in various ways. There are two fundamental theories that explain how a leader is matched to their group, the situational leaders...

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...heir opinion, they would never contribute; making it difficult to achieve our goal.
Moreover, the fifth pair of behaviors compares superiority, in a defensive state, and equality, in a supportive state. Group members who feel superior will imply that their opinions are better. On the other hand, a member will suggest that everyone share or contribute, in a supportive setting. When I do not understand a topic in the pharmacology study group, a member explains it again without implying that they are superior.
The last dimension compares certainty and provisionalism. With certainty, a group member will believe that there opinion is the only important one and will refuse to accept other ideas or ways. In a supportive environment, a member will offer ideas and accepts suggestion from others.
Essay Portion: Role of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Group Setting

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