Communication Lessons From America 's Founding Fathers Essay

Communication Lessons From America 's Founding Fathers Essay

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A leader can be defined as one who mobilizes others toward a goal shared by leaders and followers. General George Washington was conceivably the one indispensable man among the Founding Fathers. He was the only one out of many others to command the respect needed to lead the Continental Army to victory over Great Britain and to preside over the Constitutional Convention. During the eight years Revolutionary War from 1775-1783 with Great Britain and America soldiers, General George Washington has proven to be a formidable leader and this made him recognizable later as a presidential selection. John C. Maxwell, the author of Communication Lessons From America’s Founding Father, draws attention to General Washington strong qualities of being a leader as he explains “They watched him lead a bedraggled army of ill-equipped, under-clothed soldiers in battle against the world’s mightiest, most professional fighting force--the British Army.” In contrast, Mary Theobald, the author of Whatever happened to Benedict Arnold? argues “...trusted by Washington that the British thought him incorruptible, had attempted to betray his country by surrendering West Point.” Yet this disagreement raises the question, where does General Washington’s strengths and weakness lies during the Revolutionary War as he serves his role as the Commander in Chief? Based on research, General Washington’s leadership during that period suggests that he was a better tactician than he was as a military strategist. He conquered the war for independence as a visionary leader.
General Washington’s persona was a combination of characteristics that had prepared him for his role during the Revolutionary War. General Washington had developed an organization to achieve the go...

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...ship that General Washington held, as Theobald quotes “But this talented American, so trusted by Washington that the British thought him incorruptible…” Did General Washington not believe the British Army because they are enemies? What is the confusion that brings British liking Benedict Arnold? Why did Washington feel any different towards Arnold, beside whom he had fought with in some battles?
Altogether, General Washington has been an extraordinary commander and tactician during the Revolutionary War. The qualities he possessed, gaining from past and during experiences have led him to be one of the most recognizable leaders for his leadership. He has never lost faith in himself nor to his Continental Army. His unyielding efforts to formulate a unified and efficient country has made him probably the most successful and honored General in United States history.

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Communication Lessons From America 's Founding Father Essay

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