Communication Lessons From America 's Founding Father Essay

Communication Lessons From America 's Founding Father Essay

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A leader is one who mobilizes others toward a common goal. General George Washington was the indispensable leader among the Founder Fathers. He was the only one to command the respect needed to lead the Continental Army to victory over Great Britain and to preside over the Constitutional Convention. During the eight—years Revolutionary War, from 1775-1783, against Great Britain, Washington proved to be a formidable leader and this made him the easy choice for president. John C. Maxwell, the author of Communication Lessons From America’s Founding Father, draws the attention to General Washington’s strong qualities as leader when he explains that, “They watched him lead a bedraggled army of ill-equipped, under clothed soldiers in battle against the world’s mightiest, most professional fighting force—the British Army.” In contrast, Mary Theobald, the author of Whatever Happened to Benedict Arnold? argues “…trusted by Washington that the British thought him incorruptible, had attempted to betray his country by surrendering West Point.” This disagreement raises the question, of where General Washington’s strengths and weakness lays during the Revolutionary War as he served in his role as the Commander in Chief. General Washing’s leadership during the American Revolutionary era suggested that he was a better tactician than he was a military strategist as he conquered the war for independence as a visionary leader
[Reword Topic Sentence]….General Washington had developed a military organization to achieve the goal of winning the war for Independence. During those eight years of the American Revolution, General Washington spent more time, though and energy [rewrite sentences]…”According to “Washington The Indispensable Man” written by ...

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...s he just got shot in the heart. Because General Washington did not know Arnold’s needs, Arnold devised a plan to betray his country by surrendering West Point instead of following General Washington’s orders to defend it. This shows that the communications between Arnold and General Washington was not clear and it demonstrates that General Washington lacks communication as it is one of the qualities of being a good leader.
Altogether, General Washington has been an extraordinary commander and tactician during the Revolutionary War. The qualities he possessed, gained from past experiences, led him to be one of the most recognizable examples of great leadership. He has never lost faith in himself nor in his Continental Army. His unyielding efforts to formulate a unified and efficient country made him the most successful and honored General in United States history.

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