Essay on Communication : Keys For Your Marriage By H. Norman Wright

Essay on Communication : Keys For Your Marriage By H. Norman Wright

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Most of this section comes from Communication: Keys for your Marriage by the author H. Norman Wright.
It is normal to talk to yourself. You will probably be shocked by the amount of time that you spend on inner conversations and how those conversations can affect your marriage.
Did you know that?
• Your emotions such as anger, despair, jealousy, depression, guilt, and worry are all initiated and accelerated by your self-talk?
• Your behavior plays a part on how you deal with self-talk with your spouse. The way you behave toward your spouse is determined by your self-talk and not by his or her behavior.
• Did you know that when a person speaks it is a direct expression of self-talk?
When there is a repeated amount of self-talk, it can bring about how a person’s attitudes, values, and beliefs are displayed. Self-talk can represent the thoughts that a person give themselves at that present time. When emotions are expressed, they are motivated by conscious and subconscious self-talk. These emotions can be either expressed through anger, ways of showing love, and handling conflict with one another. Self-talk can either produce positive or negative attitude toward life.
Most people believe that outside events, other people, and circumstances determine their emotions, behaviors and verbal responses. Actually, it is your thoughts that are the source that will determine the emotions you feel and the behaviors and verbal responses you express. Whether they are automatic or consciously thought out, what are your thoughts like? Are they negative or positive? Most people who worry, are depressed, are irritable or are critical toward others have automatic thoughts, which are negative.
How does this fit with the Bible? M...

... middle of paper ...

... might hurt our spouse and we do not mean that at all. We need to check our attitude before we speak.
This week look for some time when it convenient for you to practice this new behavior. Briefly write down your experience.

4. Who are we? How does God see us? What do these scriptures say to those who have accepted Christ Jesus as their Savior? 1 Cor. 6:19, 20; 1 Peter 1:18, 19; Rev. 5:9, Exodus 33:17, John 10: 14-15, 27-28

5 Review the scriptures in this lesson. Which three particularly speak to you and why?
6. What do you understand about temptation? How real is it in your life? See James 1:12-15 and Matthew 4:1-11.

7. In the list of negative thinking is their one that you have particularly dealt with?

8. Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me about words inside my heart and the words that flow from me? Now write what you hear in your heart.

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