Essay on Communication Is Used When You Are An Intimate Relationship?

Essay on Communication Is Used When You Are An Intimate Relationship?

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I chose to do my research paper on Intimacy and Distance in Relational Communication because I wanted to learn how communication is used when you are in an intimate relationship. The question I ask is “How does communication affect being in an intimate relationship?”. In the book it states that “People who report having satisfying intimate relationships have higher self-esteem, a stronger sense of identity, and greater feelings of control over their lives than those without close relationships.” (Looking Out, Looking In, Pg. 304) In that statement alone it kind of gives us an overview on what being in an intimate relationship can do. Webster defines Intimacy “close union, contact, association, or acquaintance.” We as people want to feel like we belong or that we are loved and being in a relationship lets us feel those things. “The level of intimacy that individuals experience within relationships exerts a profound influence on their social development, personal adjustment, and physical health. Specifically, intimacy plays an integral role in individuals’ successful passage through development stages, solidification of friendships, attainment of marital happiness, and success in psychotherapeutic encounters.” Another definition of Intimacy is “An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is characterized by romantic or passionate attachment or sexual activity.”
There are a few dimensions to intimacy and I will briefly discuss them. The first dimension is physical. We experience are first kind of physical intimacy with our parents, the way they nourish us as we grow. As we become older the physical intimacy becomes less frequent because we are introduced...

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...acy can seem cold and distant in romantic relationships. This distance is both emotion and physical. You will find yourself feeling aggravated and confused about how they feel about you and your relationship, primarily because they simply don’t know how to express themselves. While it may seem the person can have moments where they are warm and affable, their constant emotional state is withdrawn, hallmarked by a blunt affect.” This particular warning sign I know all too well. I have been known to run the opposite direction when things get serious in a relationship. However, my family likes to say it is just “Classic Abby”. I am one that has a hard time expressing myself and it has ruined a lot of potential relationships. I am so glad I chose this certain topic so I can learn all these new and interesting facts about being intimate and being afraid of being intimate!

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