Communication Is The Transmission Or Exchange Of Information Essay

Communication Is The Transmission Or Exchange Of Information Essay

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Communication is the transmission or exchange of information. To effectively communicate a person must transmit a message using verbal & nonverbal methods to a recipient who interprets the meaning and returns with a response. It is a two-way process. Being able to talk and listen this does not guarantee the desired goals will be met, if the participants are unable to their ideas, problems, or needs during the communication process. Attempts to communicate is not always effective and when it fails we must look at the principle component as to why the exchange was misunderstood. These failures can be related to internal, external, and semantic barriers, also known as noise.
These ‘noises” prevent the message from being heard and interpreted correctly. Internal barriers include health, egos, defensiveness, lack of trust, vagueness, educational levels, emotions, and poor communication skills. External barriers are the related to the location being too crowded, time of day, background noises, odors in the air, and other interruptions that are not controlled by the participants. Semantics or language barriers make conversations tough because the words used can have multiple meaning, statements using slang, adages, clichés, and language fluency lead to a communication gap. (Rai & Rai, 2008) These distractions can lead to confusion, expectations not being met, and unresolved conflicts.
Listening in just as important as the message which requires the receiver to do more than just hear what a person is saying, it requires them to be attentive and focus on what is being said along with understanding the information. The information received enables us to problem solve, resolve differences, and to receive directions for tasks which...

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...ive listening skills and lack of constructive feedback, she is just beginning her shift, she may not be feeling well, or she may have poor communication skills. Each of these explanations can lead to inappropriate interpreting of a message and crucial information being misunderstood.
Communication is an essential tool in the workplace. In the future both supervisors can improve their communication skills by using guidelines to enhance their communications. When conveying a message, the speaker needs to be precise, exhibit respect, use appropriate tones and nonverbal behavior so the audience can understand the message. The listener should focus on what is being said, don’t make assumptions or judgments, value what the messages holds, and determine its intent. Lastly, respond to clarify understanding and to evaluate the correctness of the information provided.

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