Communication Is The Sharing Of Information Between Individuals By Using Speech

Communication Is The Sharing Of Information Between Individuals By Using Speech

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Communication is something we all humans use. Communication “is the sharing of information between individuals by using speech”. People have ways of communicating some have their weaknesses in conversations and others have their strengths. When I communicate with others I feel that some things I say I do not verbalize right. I have two strengths and three weaknesses in my communicating. My three weakens in my communication are, check nonverbal feedback, to make people wrong and recognize that people understand information in different ways and my two strengths in my communication are being flexible, and take responsibility for the communication.
According to my three weaknesses (check nonverbal feedback), (don’t make people wrong) and to (recognize). I visually perceive that my communication is impotent. My first weakness is (check nonverbal feedback) when someone takes a grant without having any proof. For example, if a man needs surgery, and he goes to a hospital. He sees that’s they 're about three surgeons in the hospital, two are women, and one is a man. The man assumes tha...

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