Communication Is The Process Of Sharing Ideas, Information, And Messages

Communication Is The Process Of Sharing Ideas, Information, And Messages

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Communication in the Workplace
Communication is the process of sharing ideas, information, and messages with others in a particular time and place. So the way at which you communicate in certain circumstances will differ based on your environment. This is especially evident in the workplace. You will be hard pressed to find a form of communication that so drastically contrast an individual’s everyday communication. The workplace is professional environment that centered around achieving the organizations objectives. This makes workplace communication tremendously important because it increases productivity and efficiency.
Every organization is different and will have a different set of guidelines and norms that will help an employee determine what is and is not acceptable forms of communication. This helps create a work culture at which employees build positive relationships with one another over time. My experiences with football have shown me this very clearly as I transitioned to the college level. When I found my way to Missouri Western, I had to adapt to norms that had been set within the team. There was an increased level of expectation in almost everything we as a team do. I had to re-learn even the simplest things, like stretching or the pace at which practice is conducted. This culture had been created by players and coaches and was essential in getting the best performance come game day.
In many workplaces you must put on your professional face, which requires you to adapt your normal behavior so you can present yourself in the manner at which the organization wishes you to. Requiring you to change the way your speech and dress to meet the organization’s needs. This doesn’t mean you have to completely change who you a...

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...uncomfortable situation that no one should ever have to endure. So an organization needs to do everything in its power to prevent these instances to cover themselves as well as creating a safer less hostile work environment.
Communication can be a key tool in achieving the goals of an organization. If an organization properly trains and informs its employees on the proper manner to conduct themselves in the workplace. The organization will be able to perform more efficiently and employees will be able to perform at a higher level by the organization creating less hostile environment. When a company is able to do so they create a more enjoyable place for their employees to work as well as leaving them less liable for possible negligent suits for sexual harassment. The steps necessary to create a better work environment will always be worth the cost and time to do so.

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