Essay about Communication Is The Key For Everything Life

Essay about Communication Is The Key For Everything Life

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Communication is the key to everything life has to offer, good communication is the difference between a professional interview leading to a dream career and the basic college graduate who can’t put two sentences together. Communication creates confidence it helps create a reputation and more than anything it defines who you are. Matthew 12:34b says “for out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (King James Version). As businessmen and women graduate college and go into the marketplace it is important that they know the proper chain of communication, how to handle conflict verbally rather than suppressing it in the office, and the proper business etiquette when it comes to communicating through emails and other forms of technology.
Intrapersonal communication is defined as “…person-to-person conversation, it’s an exchange that occurs through dialogue between two people or through discussion among several with participation by everyone involved” quoted by Anita Satterlee in the Organization Management and Leadership textbook originally from Arrendondo in Communicating Effectively. There are a number of factors that go into effective communication, such as effective wording of the message, a direct path to the receiver, and the lack of distractions or other barriers that could take away from the initial message or cause it not to be understood. When the sender sends the message they believe that it will be clear and understandable, when the receiver receives the message they begin to encode it breaking it down to understand it and respond to it. The receiver must understand where the message is coming from and where the sender was at mentally at the time of the message. If the message was sent via email or hand written the...

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