Essay on Communication Is The Communication Of The Criminal Justice Organization

Essay on Communication Is The Communication Of The Criminal Justice Organization

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Communication is a huge part in any police organization. There are many factor to how communication is being passed and what effects communication. Verbal and non verbal commutation is two ways to pass communication. Both play a huge role in the criminal justice organization. Another impact on communication is the channels communication flow through in the organization. Communication in a police organization can be passed in two ways, formal and non formal channels. With every organization communication barriers also play a huge role in how communication is being passed. There are several ways to overcome these barriers.
When people talk to each other for the purpose to exchange information each person is using verbal and non verbal communication. Verbal communication is the process of transmitting information orally. In a conversation verbal communication is spoken by the sender and also listened to by the receiver. The receiver is also giving feedback to the sender to acknowledge he or she understands what is being passed. Verbal communication plays a huge role in the criminal justice organization. Communication is a skill every person in the criminal justice organization needs to have have in order to talk to the general public, other officers, supervisor, and many other situations.
Nonverbal communication in the criminal justice organization is written through reports, memorandums, notes, documents, statements, and so on. Nonverbal plays a huge role in how communication is being passed through the police organization. Writing skills is very valuable to every personal in the criminal justice organization using nonverbal communication. Poor writing can lead to missinterpation of what the sender is tr...

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...y using a squinting modifier so that it seems it is modifying the word before and after. A dangling modifier is when words are not being used clearly or logically with other words. Carefully considerations needs to be given so that modifiers are placed in a sentence correctly so the words being used are clear and direct. Another strategy is to avoid using faulty parallelism and putting two or more grammatically equivalent in a sentence. When trying to write clearly an officer should always use parallelism.
Communication will always be a vital role in the criminal justice organization. If communication is not passed correctly it will have a negative impact on the organization. When commutation is passed correctly the organization will run smoother, be more effective and efficient. Communication will always have a huge influence in every police organization.

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