Communication Is An Essential Element For The World 's Population Essay

Communication Is An Essential Element For The World 's Population Essay

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Communication is an essential element for the world’s population to get in touch with one another. Although simply “getting in touch” is not the easiest way of putting it. In our world today, the population is generally moving away from the classic face to face conversation, to conversing through new forms of technology such as phones and social media. We now live in what is known as a digital nation. This digital nation is what makes up the more standardized forms of communication and we all converse with each other. This being said, there are many different forms of communication and how we utilize these tools and techniques to avoid personal problems and arguments is key in one’s everyday life. When it comes to talking to one another, there are three forms of communication people use, and generally they are face to face communication, calling, texting, or social media. The way we communicate has come a long way from a simple wave and “hello.”
Face to face communication has always been the basis of communicating with one another. Before the internet, cell phones, and other forms of cyber communication, face to face and written communication were the only methods of communicating. In regards to face to face communication, this is the utmost effective and elaborate form of talking to someone. For instance, by meeting this person in the same area and talking to them face to face you are able to see more than just the person, and are able to hear more than just words. When talking to someone who is physically in front of you, this enables you to identify the reaction they have when you say something. Non-verbal communication and body language is something you cannot hear over the phone, and often this is very important when regar...

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...the cons actually outweigh the pros and vice versa? Every person has their own mindset towards what they call communication, just as each person has their own familiarized form of communication. The younger generation leans more towards the calling, texting, and social media forms of communication, while the older generation is accustomed to face to face conversation. The world must come together and converse face to face more often. In order to surely be able to understand the depth of a person’s words, and know what they truly feel you have to be present, in the same room as this person, to feel the words as they say them. We cannot understand how everything works until the world can communicate and work together. Communication is the uttermost important skill in our everyday lives and should be practiced consistently in order to converse successfully with others.

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