Communication Is A Vital Part Of Progression Essay

Communication Is A Vital Part Of Progression Essay

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Task 5
It is believed that children and young people whom identify as having speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) and also those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are at an increased risk of developing behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) (Lindsay & Dockrell, 2012, p. 4). This task will research into the theory behind this belief and consider the factors that might impact upon BESD. The special education needs (SEN) code of practice describes BESD as:

‘A learning difficulty where children and young people demonstrate features of emotional and behavioural difficulties such as being withdrawn or isolated, displaying a disruptive and disturbing nature; being hyperactive and lacking concentration, having immature social skills and presenting challenging behaviours arising from other complex special needs’ (DfE, 2001).
Communication is a vital part of progression in children and young people’s lives, and the ability to not be able to communicate effectively can be critical towards children’s development. Throughout their development, the majority of children progress at the expected rate in their speech, language and communication. However, there are majority of children who do not. These children are described as having speech, language and communication needs (The Communication Trust , 2013). Turkington & Harris (2006, p.74) state that children with SLCN have ‘trouble producing speech sounds, using spoken language to communicate or understanding what other people say’. Each child that suffers from SLCN can have different difficulties and require different levels of support. There is substantial research that children with SLCN are fifty per cent more likely to develop BESD than typically developing chi...

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... are present in children with SLCN and ASD. Problems such as interacting with their peers and relating to other people’s feelings ultimately affect children’s social development. The consequences of this hinder emotional progression and the incapability to express their own thoughts and feelings can in turn; make children become frustrated and give the impression they have behavioural issues. The failure to relate to others, makes children become secluded and withdrawn; these are all signs that children with ASD and SLCN often display. If children are supported correctly and SLCN is identified early, children are less likely to have implications when they are older. A report by The Communication Trust (2013) states that ‘without effective help a third of children with speech, language and communication needs require treatment for mental health problems in adult life.

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