Communication Inventions During The Civil War Essay example

Communication Inventions During The Civil War Essay example

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Communication Inventions

The Civil War was the first modern war due communication inventions. The war between the Union and the Confederacy was one of the most influential battles fought in the history of the United States. This war determined the future of America. New technology inventions were responsible for the American Civil War being as intense as it was. Both the North and the South took advantage of new inventions such as the electric telegraph, and advanced weaponry. Development of the mail system and journalism expanded throughout the nation, also a great advantage to both sides.
One of the most important communication inventions during the war was the electric telegraph. Invented by Samuel Morse, the telegraph allowed people to communicate faster than the alternative hand written letter. The first line ever set up was strung between Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Morse sent the first electronic message in America, on May 24th, 1844. The message said, “What hath God wrought!” During the war both the North and South quickly discovered how useful this technology could be. Telegraph poles were set up across the country, mostly along side railroads. Thousands of miles of copper wire poles were functioning by the middle of the war. The telegraphs were used more heavily in the Union; this was how President Abraham LIncoln maintained contact with his army. The Confederacy also put telegraphs to great use, but they lacked the equipment the Union had. With this faster method of communication orders could be more quickly, which became a vital component in the Civil War.
The telegraph was a transportable machine as long as it was connected to the wire from a line. How it worked was a strip of paper ran through the br...

... middle of paper ...

...erican History-over 4,000 killed and 20,000 injured) really were. These pictures greatly impacted those at home, putting the war in a new perspective. Many of these photographs are still viewed today, and they serve as remembrance of those who fought in the war.
The inventions that caused the American Civil War to be the first modern war tremendously affected life back then, and shaped America into the country it is today. At the beginning of the Civil War America was focused on military advancements regarding weapons, railroads, and other supplies. Both armies soon realized how critical communication inventions were. These Communication inventions are responsible for the outcome of the war. After the Union won the Civil War, not only would these inventions push America forward, but new communication inventions will continue to enlighten people for years to come.

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