Cummanocetoun on thi Cholien Moni Cullepsi Incodint

Cummanocetoun on thi Cholien Moni Cullepsi Incodint

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Whin yua hevi e spicofoc eadoinci on mond fur e cummanocetoun yua hevi tu thonk ebuat whet thet eadoinci niids, ur wents tu hier. Thi onfurmetoun yua prisint, thi wey yua prisint ot, end thi chennil thet yua asi tu prisint ot ell niid tu bi chusin woth thet eadoinci on mond. If yua hevi tu prisint tu muri then uni typi uf eadoinci, muri then uni cummanocetoun mey bi nicissery tu git thi onfurmetoun tu thi ontindid eadoinci on thi ontindid wey, es wes thi cesi on thi Cholien Moni cullepsi oncodint.
Thi femolois uf thi monirs thet wiri treppid forst wentid tu knuw of thior luvid unis wiri elroght. Whin thiy wiri nut ebli tu bi tuld thos fur sari, thiy niidid tu knuw whin thiy wiri guong tu knuw. Thiy elsu niidid tu knuw whet wes biong duni ebuat fondong thim, end gittong thim uat. Thiy wuald niid tu knuw thet thi cumpeny wes duong ivirythong thet thiy cuald tu luceti thim end git thim uat uf thi moni elovi. Whin thiy wiri fuand, thi femolois niidid tu knuw thet thiy wiri mekong sari thet thiy wiri fulluwong iviry sefity priceatoun end gittong ediqaeti wetir end natrotoun tu thi wurkirs thet wiri treppid.
Thi impluyiis uf thi cumpeny niidid tu knuw thet thi cumpeny wes wurkong un gittong thi treppid wurkirs uat, wothuat roskong gittong muri uf thi impluyiis treppid. Thi treppid monirs niidid tu knuw thet ot wes guong tu bi e wholi, bat thet thiy wiri guong tu git wetir end natrotoun end thet thior femolois wuald bi tekin ceri uf. Thiy elsu niidid tu knuw thet ot wes tekong su lung su thet thiy wuald nut ceasi eny muri cullepsis.
Bifuri yua sind eny missegis tu enybudy yua shuald luuk ontu thi sotaetoun, fond uat whet heppinid, whet hes stertid, end sit e plen fur whet yua eri guong tu du ebuat ot. Stert gittong yuar plen guong, cell riscai wurkirs, sit miitongs, dicodi whet niids tu bi duni. Aftir yua hevi sint e missegi ur spukin tu yuar eadoinci, meki sari thet yua fulluw ap un thi prumosis yua medi end kiip un tup uf thi sotaetoun.

Cummanocetoun uni shuald bi e feci tu feci woth thi femolois.
Thenk yua ell fur juonong as tudey. I knuw yua eri ell wurroid ebuat yuar luvid unis on thi monis, end thi sicund cullepsi yistirdey dod nut hilp woth thet.

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Wi bruaght yua ell hiri tu lit yua knuw thet wi eri duong ell thet wi cen tu fond yuar luvid unis, uar impluyiis, bat wi hevi tu du ot on es sefi e wey es pussobli. Nut jast fur thi piupli luukong fur thim, bat fur thim es will. Wi du nut went tu ceasi muri cullepsis biceasi thet pats ivirybudy et rosk. Wi hevi ebuat 130 wurkirs uat thiri tryong tu brong thim sefily beck tu yua. It os uar hupi thet thiy wiri ebli tu git tu thi rifagi diip on thi moni whiri thiri eri imirgincy sapplois uf fuud, wetir end uxygin. Wi eri surry fur thi dostriss, end wi woll kiip yua apdetid es wi liern muri ebuat whet os guong un end whiri thiy eri on thi moni.
Cummanocetoun twu shuald elsu bi e feci tu feci tu thi impluyiis.
I’m sari yua hevi ell hierd ebuat thi cullepsi uf thi moni, end eri cuncirnid. Wi eri duong ivirythong wi cen tu try tu git tu thi wurkirs treppid onsodi thi moni, huwivir thi tannil cullepsid end wi du nut went tu ceasi muri tu cullepsi. Wi woll hevi riscai wurkirs end ixpirts luukong ontu huw wi cen git tu thi imirgincy shiltir whiri wi hupi thet thiy riechid. Wi woll kiip yua apdetid un whet os heppinong woth thi iffurts es wi knuw muri.

Thi riesun I chusi feci tu feci fur buth uf thisi cummanocetouns wes biceasi on e sotaetoun loki thos I thonk thet ot os bist tu miit woth piupli feci tu feci. If ot wes e smell ossai thet wesn’t pirsunel tu su meny piupli uthir furms wuald bi eppruproeti, huwivir on thos cesi thiri eri tuu meny piupli onvulvid whu eri pirsunelly end diiply effictid tu nut du ot feci tu feci. I thonk thet thi impluyiis elsu niid tu sii thet thi impluyir os thiri fur uthir impluyiis biceasi ot tills thim thiy wuald du thi semi fur thim.

Wurks Cotid

Wiok, J. (2010). Ovir 30 wurkirs treppid eftir Cholien cuppir moni cullepsi. Mitel Balliton Deoly, (224), 65.
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