Essay about Communication in Organizations

Essay about Communication in Organizations

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List and describe the four (4) types of organizational communications. Make sure you discuss each one thoroughly.
When dealing with communication in an organization it is important to choose a type that best fits the overall benefit of the organization. The four types of organizational communications that the book discusses is Downward Communication, Upward Communication, Horizontal Communication and the best-known system for transmitting communication is the Grapevine.
The first type of organizational communication that the book outlines is Downward Communication. Downward communication is defined as communication used by management to send orders, directives, goals, policies, and so on to employees at lower levels of the organization. Five types of commination within an organization can be identified as: 1) job instruction. This is communication relating to the performance of a certain task, 2) job rationale which is communication relating a certain task to organizational tasks, 3) procedures and practices which is communication about organization policies, procedures, rules and regulation, 4) feedback, which is described as communication appraisal of how an individual performs the assigned tasks and 5) indoctrination which is described as communication designed to motivate the employees (Swanson, 2012, pg. 439).
This type of communication affords the communicator to spell out specific objectives, prevent misunderstandings as well as miscommunication as a result of lack of details or information, to prepare the receivers of upcoming changes and help to mold opinions amongst the employees. Upon research conducted as well as outlined in the book, downward communication tends to be mi...

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...dership (Swanson, 2012, pg. 414). These are all key elements to a successful candidate, may it be for a new hire or a promotion. It is also elements that could not be detected solely through a written exam. Other advantages to assessment centers is that it is a good source for the candidate to find out strengths and weakness, it is more legit because the candidate is evaluated by multiple experts, the candidates can improve their performance and they can increase their strengths and remove the weaknesses (Akrani, 2011)


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