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Communication in Medicine Essay

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Generally, maternal assurances come verbally in the form of “Everything’s going to be alright.” But instead she told me that horses sleep standing up. Upon reflection, I’m certain she meant that her healing from the last surgery would be swift, as she compared the vigilance with which some animals remain on guard with her own resolve to overcome cancer. Though the message was communicated through an obscure reference to the year of the horse, I deeply understood the perseverance she would exhibit during recovery.
The ways in which we attempt to communicate the most simple and subtle ideas are extraordinary, while it is even more remarkable when we can successfully convey what we’re thinking and have others respond. Though some may use melodies, guttural noises, or algorithmic hand gestures in addition to their words, every medium of our being is intended to communicate messages. The subtleties in body language, the crucial importance in delivery, and our choice in phrases can have a significant impact on those who listen.
The ability to listen with one’s eyes, nose, and fingertips is an indispensable skill in the practice of medicine because it allows us to quickly draw close to the message being communicated. I generally look forward to my walk home from work because of the fragrant bakery on 57th Street. Claude stands outside the bakery even on bitterly cold evenings. Through his measured flattery, I understand that he is a humble man with simple needs of spare change (or something delicious, preferably warm), though I have never heard him ask for even a penny. “Good evening, beautiful” is generally the greeting any young lady may receive, with a grand smile and a small bow. In the playroom of Comer Children’s Hospital, yo...

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...ndividuals, medicine is a discipline through which many realms of insight converge. Whether it is the genetic information embedded in one gene that manifests as a disease, or a patient who presents in clinic with some collection of symptoms, there is an underlying mechanism with a message to be delivered. I am drawn to discovery, uncovering and deciphering even the most subtle messages because there is great power in small statements, like my mom’s resolve to stand strong like when horses sleep. The discipline of medicine challenges me to think lucidly, to build and collect incremental evidence, and ultimately, to understand. My ardent efforts in honing my hermeneutic, coupled with my curiosity, will be indispensable to my peers and colleagues as we draw closer towards mutual understandings, giving rise to better care and the drive to probe at scientific mysteries.

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