Communication in Families Essay

Communication in Families Essay

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Communication in Families
Initial Thoughts
Every happy family bears a remarkable secret of success. This success comes from a strong foundation of intimate and close relationships. In fact, these close family ties are kept even stronger through constant communication. Communication as the keystone of various associations helps build strong pillars of filial relationships and improves family lifestyles in order to attain happiness (Gosche, p. 1). However, there are several families that experience chaotic encounters amidst their endeavor to sustain harmonious relationships. For example, some families may struggle from maintaining their liaisons in the balance. Due to social and economic problems, some parents may decide to separate, and some may end up in divorce. This filial disintegration may affect the children especially the young ones who are not able to understand and accept the situations. That is why some parents work even harder to maintain their good connections within the family members. Other parents try to accomplish goals to create solid family relationships. Though a number of families are slowly disintegrating and breaking up nowadays due to various factors, communication within the family still serves as a bridge and a tool to rebuild strong foundations of family ties.
Review of Related Literature
Communication plays a vital role in the family (Brochner, p. 386). It channels information for each family member about tasks, duties, problems, and pieces of moral guidance. Indeed, it maintains a healthy atmosphere of the family especially when each member understands roles and obligations to take. However, several factors can influence the good relationships of the family. Undeniably, these factors such as the socia...

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