Communication At The Workplace Is Not Only A Way Essay

Communication At The Workplace Is Not Only A Way Essay

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Communication in the workplace is not only a way to let your employees know what may be going in the company, but it is used for communicating information to clients outside of the company. Communication in the workplace is extremely important whether written or verbal. Communication is a first impression, it can either make or break you.
When writing any business communication, there will be instances where you likely have to address multiple audiences such as management, coworkers, and upper management simultaneously and being able to adapt to those audiences are important. To do this you have to factor in tone and different levels of understanding of the subject matter. Upper management may know more about the subject than you do, but your coworkers may not know anything about the subject matter, the communication needs to cater to all involved by adding background information so it is relatable to the entire audience. Always remember, “Your intended audience will not necessarily be your only readers. Others might receive copies of your correspondence or hear your speech” (Ge...

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